OneCamp 2021 is fast approaching and many families are curious as to what camp might look like this summer from the standpoint of Covid-19 protocols. We are always fully committed to complying with our governing authorities and at this time, there are no State, Local, or Federal mandates with regard to Covid and overnight camps.  As you know conditions have been changing steadily over the last few months and camp leadership has been in close contact with FFA as we have thoughtfully updated our Covid procedures. Vaccinations are on the rise and are available for all Georgians age 12 and over.  Based on this information, we are choosing to: 

  • drop the requirement to be tested before attending OneCamp 2021 

  • make masks optional and fully support any decision to wear one

  • keep cabins at half capacity to limit numbers in smaller indoor spaces 

  • take temperatures at check-in (at RiverStone before the bus and at the gate for car riders at FFA)

  • ask that a Health Questionnaire be completed by each camper at check-in

  • use of cabin cohorts as much as possible, especially indoors. 

  • encourage campers to use social distancing when possible

  • encourage hand washing

  • in cabins, have campers to keep their personal items in their own space

FFA Staff will:

  • sanitize between groups in meeting areas

  • use disposable plates, cutlery, and cups in dining hall to reduce crowding in the dish return area 

  • provide Hand Sanitizer before going into the serving line

  • arrange dining hall seating to allow more spacing. 

  • sanitize the dining hall after each meal

  • provide Hand sanitizer in all meeting rooms

  • screen their staff and follow strict guidelines of not coming to work if sick  

  • sanitize recreation areas

We are looking forward to a safe and healthy week!

                        OneCamp 2021 Leadership Team