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Things to know

*Visiting camp?

Please speak to your youth pastor about coming up, with this being the largest camp in 30 years we are very limited on space.

Please no children under the age of 7 at any services.

*Themed Evening Activities 

Evening activities happen each night of camp.  While costumes are not necessary, they are encouraged and welcome.  

Sunday: Meet Your Cabin Competitions - starting in your cabin, campers will get to know each other by working together. Then, they will move to the NAC to continue in a variety of competitions. Later Sunday night, after the opening service is the late night Thru the Ages Rave with costumes focusing on the 1700s (yes, the 1700’s), 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. Get creative! We will have the rave and options for our campers who might want a slightly calmer experience. 

Monday: Messy Obstacle Course - your cabin will choose a costume theme and campers will have the choice to participate in the course (getting SUPER messy) or cheering their cabin on from the sideline.  

Tuesday: Water Night - campers will have water options such as a huge foam pit, water slides and water balloons. Wear a bathing suit or clothes that can get wet.

Wednesday: Cabin Lip Sync Battles - look for more info from your Cabin Leader. Each cabin will decide on a song and costume. No camper will have to participate unless they want to but it will be fun to dress up and watch!!

Thursday: Red White and Blue Color War - wear white and head to the upper field for a powdered color war! 

*Morning Teaching with David Eldridge

Our morning teaching time this year will be led by David Eldridge, Pastor of Stonebridge Church. We are excited to have him this year as our Camp Pastor and have this time with him to invest into our students each morning.


*Teaching Impact Groups 

Teaching Impact Groups are topically based groups where students will hear from our network Youth Pastors.


*Morning Thing 

Morning Thing is our game time each day!! This year we will split middle and high school so more kids get to play!! 


*Free Time Activities 

Optional afternoon Free Time activities will include a daily team tournament.  We will be offering additional optional activities such as soccer, kickball, crafts, prayer, and much more! A detailed schedule of Free Time Activity days, locations and times will be available in each cabin. The always popular Cool Beans will also be open for refreshments, so pack a little money!


*Medical Services 

We will have a team of registered nurses present at camp. They will dispense all medications, treat illnesses and camp emergencies. We can only accept medications in a pharmacy produced and labeled bottle. In addition, sending only the number of meds your camper will need administered for the week is very helpful.  Over-the-counter medications that will be available in the infirmary are Aspirin, Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve, Claritin, Benadryl, Neosporin, Kaopectate. 


*Evening Worship Service Schedule

OneCamp Evening services will be livestreamed each night on this website.

Sun 7:30 PM ~ Mon - Thurs 8:30 PM 

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